Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary


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I need to be more appreciative and positive.

Every so often I think about writing a post, but come up with nothing relevant to say. Life goes along, status quo, nothing new or interesting. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough.

What seemed like a typical night out to dinner, in closer review, was a bit more than that.

I went to get my hair done this afternoon. After years of getting highlights, my hair was more blond than my natural brunette. Six months ago, I decided to go back to my brunette roots, both literally and figuratively. It takes time for the change to truly take as the color fades and the blond highlights come back. So I went even darker. I was telling my stylist how my husband kept looking at me and smiling when I went brunette again months ago. He gave me that same smile again today when I got home. My hair color and style is as much to please him as it is me, so to get the smile when he sees me makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

We decided to go out to dinner – why waste a good hair day? Despite the rain, my hair was looking great, if I do say so myself. He dropped me off at the door, and went to park the car. I found that very thoughtful. Chivalry goes a long way with me, especially when I see other women hunched over under their hoods trying to keep dry.

Entering the restaurant, I walked past a customer cursing out the manager, telling him how awful he was. It was one of those moments where you try to look like you haven’t heard anything, but you get an uncomfortable feeling running up your spine.

After we were seated, I told my husband what happened when I was walking in. We discussed it, relating to bad days at work, the lack of appreciation we all feel at times, but how being disgraced publicly is dreadful.

My husband was commenting how great his meal was, which didn’t look any different than the last time he ordered it. I knew he was really enjoying it when he said it was “out of this world.” I was impressed by our waitress – not intrusive, and very pleasant. Waitstaff who embody that perfect balance are rare.

Much to our surprise, the manager came to our table and asked if everything was okay. My husband went on about how much he enjoyed his meal and our wonderful waitress. The manager seemed to be so relieved, thanked us and asked if we would be sure to fill out the survey. No problem. He asked our names, and walked away repeating them under his breath.

Consider how often people get negative feedback at work, but rarely people stop to compliment a job well done. Think about how many of us would feel so much better about what we do if just once a week someone gave us positive feedback! People will criticize at the drop of a hat; we have become a society of negative people on the treadmill of life. Part of me yearns for the proper manners of a time gone by. Perhaps I have just been watching too much Downton Abbey.

We paid our check, complimented and thanked the waitress who beamed from ear to ear. The manager stopped back to thank us.

As I relaxed after a great day, I reflected on what transpired at the restaurant. I went and gave my husband a kiss and told him that what he did, taking a bad night for the manager and turning it into a good night, was very sweet. I wanted him to know that his good deed was noticed and appreciated.

I need to be more appreciative and positive. Perhaps I would have more to blog about if I looked at the ordinary in an an extraordinary way.


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